From Lagos to Texas via London, richly qualified Executive Agile Coach and Practitioner is an inspirational role model who already seems to have packed in two lifetimes of experience and achievements!

In London, Aanu fell in love with Agile, her “boyfriend for life.” She learnt the basics by a mix of self learning and just doing it – refreshing approach rich with success and failures. Since then, Aanu has invested a good deal of time to expand her skills to the point she is nominated as a finalist for Board Membership of the Scrum Alliance. Hear what she has learned over time and what she would advise her younger self about the coaching mindset. If you are a hiring executive her advice here is invaluable in terms of what to look for in your coaching staff.

And to Africa. Aanu explains the generous nature and drive to learn of Africans and the emergence of Digital across the continent. She is a passionate and engaging advocate for Africa and outlines what needs to be done to capitalise on the incredible talents there. Agility is an important element to unlock that potential, fight corruption, innovate and manage risk. Her energy, advice and tangible support also extends to Women in Africa. She pulls no punches in what needs to be done to help young women and female graduates, describing the real help she gives to advance education there. The challenge is formidable, but Aanu is very formidable too.

You can help with the mission. It is a great story to hear.