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What makes a good Shepherd of Software Design pattern? How does a shepherd react to a Singleton? Why developers need to get to Pattern Conferences (not for the faint hearted but for the keen learner) Alan gives us a quick tour of the links between Pattern and Agile communities which is often overlooked.
Author, contributor, developer coach and guide, Allan is well known for sharing his opinions on a wide range of subjects. In today’s podcast Allan share his thoughts about Users Stories, why the Backlog is a bottomless pit of rubbish, the joy of feedback in LeanPub, and a fundamental breakdown of digital working. Oh, and are you using OKRs well as test driven management?

Allan is that rare practitioner who keeps close to the code, progressive change and the spirit, not rules, of agility. The enthusiasm of his enquiring mind across industry, agile and history, indeed, for all his subject matters is undiminished. A tonic for the new year.

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