Digital Security & Compliance
DevOps & Technical Augmentation
Development & Project management

We are a technology and change management consultancy helping small and medium sized companies conquer their growing pains.

As businesses scale we help with the new pressures on Safety (Security), Efficiency (Technology) and Responsiveness (change management)


Digital Security & Compliance

Hackers. Viruses. Ransomware. Data theft. Identity theft. It can feel that you should never open a computer unless you are deeply skilled in the defence against the dark arts! And yet, the best defence is your own behaviours, process and knowledge.  


An ongoing programme of education and adherence to auditable standards is both quite possible to achieve and highly effective against malicious actors. In fact, a good security programme can provide a safe digital environment, give great insight into the health of the business and assure customers you are a sound organisation to work with. 


DevOps & Tech Platform management

A responsive, flexible and efficient technical estate is fundamental to your business’s digital health. Our practitioners have built up considerable expertise in managing technical platforms and are both budget sensitive and able to instil processes that allow technology to enable not constrain your business.

Whether it is a fledgling start-up or struggles with mature legacy migrations we understand the challenges. We can help plan and implement practices that support your technical change programmes 

Not everyone is a tech expert. Not everyone has lots of spare time. And sometimes there are budget challenges (actually there are always budget challenges!) CIO as a service allows you PAYG expert IT advice without the need to add a substantial salary to the payroll.A technical advisor and implementor who can be trusted to help deliver the business mission 



Development & Project management

Sadly, IT projects, Software development and cultural change have terrible track records for delivering value but at least start-ups can be nimble and agile.

But, as companies grow creeping inertia can infect the business leading to slower releases, more bugs and excessive time managing problems. Everything feels hard and complicated.

We enjoy working with customers to invigorate teams with ways of working that deliver value.  Without sacrificing quality or increasing risk even in highly regulated industries, we really relish and enjoy these challenges.