Our expert Business Analysts, Vicky Hilton and Ben Newman discuss the role of the BA in Agile Teams.
The Agile Business Analyst is much discussed but not always well defined in agile projects, where some say the role is not needed at all. Ben and Vicki beg to differ and unpack the valuable, critical skills, they bring to the team and the enterprise .
What are the key skills of a BA and how does Agile change the way you work, where the focus is no longer on producing an excellent document but part of team to create working software. The output is no longer the specification but the outcome .
Vicki and Ben share their thoughts on:
– Working with teams and incremental delivery
– Working with Product Owners – where they overlap and compliment each other
– Time to do the job Properly
– Independence and Clarity of Thought
– Being comfortable with ambiguity and failing fast.
– Facilitation skills
– BDD and other tools

Real world insight from two experienced BAs that will have resonate with both experienced practitioners and those new to agile teams.

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