Wonderfully positive, Ceri is a behavioural coach who is an expert in evolving and tuning the dynamics of high performing teams. Bringing productivity to teams with “rockstars” and using agility wisely is a forte. Her advice on how to avoid pushing change on people and working with executives to create the right buy-in across teams and the organisation makes change seem very achievable.

Her earlier career as a teacher, and her role of mother, brings a real empathy for learning, thinking and discovery proved to be a perfect grounding for scrum mastering. Again it is how to “pull” learning not enforced systems. Ceri discusses how the powerful forces of social inclusion and need for “success and looking good” drive anti patterns to successful change programmes that grow organisations. And we compare the behaviours of entrepreneurs and managers, and how to be confident, manage risk and fear.

Then to the organisation as a whole : culture, purpose and values and the importance of meeting your personal Why? And how to use scaling frameworks wisely and again, the right engagement where people are heard. (Or seen via Zoom in the lockdown)

Ceri continually returns to the fundamental need for human connection, regardless of lockdown, to create successful teams and organisations. Soft skills? Maybe. Vital skills? Definitely