Chris Foulkes is an internationally experienced CIO, CTO and strategist with an award-winning track record in IT innovation and delivery. Chris generously shares his key insights and tools to help companies and their senior teams navigate todays challenges be it Innovation, Digital, Change Programmes and the best use of Offshoring.

We explore the dichotomy of those who can run and those who can build. Large, mature Companies have forgotten the art of change after their early days of the entrepreneurial beginnings and have hollowed out the ability to do and develop. They have the skills to scale “the same” but stifle creativity.

Chris shows how he helps companies plan and roadmap change effectively and understand the pitfalls most companies fall into – including why embarking on an agile transformation is a bad sign!

Chris explains why it is vital to align the vocabulary and the importance of agreeing what good looks like then forming an incremental approach to achieving it.

And he outlines the why and how a focus on customer & user experience and UX thinking can transform engagement throughout the business (including the Execs) into a change platform.

Is a “bodge” still a great customer focus and learning experience? Don’t delay in learning from customers by waiting for your systems to be ‘right’. If there is a will there is a way!

Finally we explore good and bad uses of offshoring and what we can learn to adapt to all remote working.

Chris recognises the hard work involved in change, but he makes it seem entirely achievable and shows why he is such a motivational leader!

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