“Knowledge with out practice is useless, practice without knowledge is dangerous.” Confucius

Ever curious, Jose is both student and master of agile and lean and a huge contributor to the lean agile communities. He makes work and change seem wonderfully accessible to everyone from board to team level.

He explores the power and versatility of Kanban and gives a very personal insight as to what Flow really means from his perspective. We discuss the power of visualisation to allow people understand work and the way to improve.

Peoples ability to create complexity and inter-dependancies, to take unintentional risks and create Ian efficiencies is amazing but Jose’s insights and ability to be able to ask the right questions, create the right conditions & help organisations unravel their own problems and work like a purring cat!. And as for scale? Nail it before you scale it (otherwise you merely scale your dysfunctions.)

Jose shares his three key tests for change, stripped of the “over cleverness” that the agile industry can sometimes bring. And ultimately he gets to the heart of very human problems. Before you reach for the next maturity test or framework ask: Whats stopping you from doing better? What’s keeping you awake at night?


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