Wendy Sullivan and Judy Rees: Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds Pierre Neis: What Kind of Agile…e-is-your-agile Roland Hill case study:…/01/27/analyst’s-clean-questions-save-34-million-euro-project/

2020 was the year that challenged managers and leaders to rethink and relearn how to communicate. And at the heart of that are questions. And it turns out we don’t ask enough …in the right way.

Judy Rees began her journey understanding the the power of questions as a Reporter and over many years has become deeply interested in our leap to a preferred sense when we make sense of the world and communication.

Judy gives wonderful examples of Clean Language, a precision inquiry technique – a way of finding out what’s happening inside someone’s inner world – using questions they are neutral to any one sense.

Judy shows how anyone with the right practice can create safe environments for teams, bring a clearer and sophisticated understanding of people’s views from high level strategy down to more close the the ground execution.

You do need to practice this stuff to get good at it, and Judy tells us the two best questions to start with: “What kind of X?” and “Is there anything else about X?

And then to Zoom and similar technology: how to have powerful connections and meaningful conversations via zoom just a good as the “real world” ? And what is the optimal size of a group to establish high trust conversations. And how to master what is essential in technology rather than having to learn everything instead retain your focus on people. Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference. Powerpoint users take note and screen sharers take note.

Judy is an incredible communicator and gives wonderful insights everyone can learn. No wonder the World Heath Organisation and UNICEF asked for her help as the pandemic took hold of our world.

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