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Esteemed consultant, facilitator, trainer, founder of Agendashift and author, Mike Burrows, has built his reputation on years of senior, global IT executive leadership followed by expert consultancy and training. His books are “go to” for anyone interest in change agile, and Kanban.

2020 has prompted a substantial revision, rewrite even, of his 2018 classic community handbook Agendashift, reflecting the change over just 2-3 years even before the pandemic. Change and transformation and the practice of it, has changed dramatically and Mike is an expert navigator. Mike explains the right to left thinking necessary to bring about deep change in organisations.

In addition to Mike’s reputation for demonstrating the power of Kanban, he has great command across all the frameworks and illustrates the usefulness of scrum in delivery (including Govt.) But there is a caveat: Mike is extremely clear about what he believes scrum is and what it is not. Moreover how the wrong practices across the business world are killing agile. New practitioners please tune in at 8.00 in particular!

Impossible to summarise here, Mike effortlessly moves from team and delivery right up to strategy and culture, full of calm, well informed insight and expertise. His website curates a huge body of work – a gateway to tools, frameworks and thinking. If you are considering the outcomes you want to achieve this is a great resource. Later on we have a simple entry into the world of clean language that could change the way you ask questions.

There are times we wonder how far we have come. Mike brings enormous enthusiasm to achieving sustained business agility that is authentic and humane. He explains how to bring about accountable learning. How different communities are now working together digging deep to find new foundations. Revisiting core work such as servant leadership and making it engaging and accessible. Mike is not the expert telling you what’s wrong with the organisation, but rather helping the organisation working out how to do it for itself. Essentially, If you are hearing about right to left and outcomes and wondering how to help your organisation, to be whole hearted, this is a great place to start.

Turn your reports upside down and get out of your comfort zone!

Agendashift revised is forecast to arrive early in 2021.