Capers Jones: Applied Software Measurement Global Analysis of Productivity and Quality

Henry Gantt – Organising for work

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Roman Pichler – Agile Product Management with Scrum

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Michael Jackson – Structured Programming

Chris Gane and Trish Sarson – Structured Systems Analysis: Tools and Techniques

Dana Larsen – Liftoff: Launching Agile Teams & Projects

*Lewis Carroll – Alice Through the Looking-Glass

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“Alice laughed. ‘One can’t believe impossible things.’

“‘I dare say you haven’t had much practice,’ said the Queen . . . ‘Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’”*

Mike Robinson, the creator of the “UnJira” , is hugely experienced,   extremely well read and one of our favourite raconteurs. He leads us on a tour of his early work and where he learned first hand to use prototyping and “maintaining a system into existence” . Mike shows how even the most  agile of teams, focused on  collaboration, forecasting usefully, show and tells, proficient use of technology etc . unravels entirely without the customer being properly part of the focus.

Bringing the evidence: Mike references, Capers Jones, amongst others, to show how he uses data, analysis and experience to understand some of the immutable laws of software development engineering for teams (including the three things necessary to get into the impossible zone of performance. Mike lays out clearly how fundamental, and well evidence  software engineering practice is at the heart of agile. Mike describes the subtleties of estimates v forecasts and how to land the wisdom of using Feasibility studies  in the Boardroom to allow teams to engage with work confidently.

Finally, the product owner’s dilemma is laid bare in the world where Value is not the same as Return (one is for stakeholders) and how they must both be  managed. Mike expertly describes his view of the product owner. And demolishes the “proxy for the customer” view – only the customer speaks for the customer!

Mike is never short of an opinion and can always access the research to back them up. Controversial but entirely engaging.


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