Infrastructure and operations, is the engine room of digital and technology services. Taken for granted when invisible but can cause unbelievable anguish and expense when it goes wrong.

Paul Safford is an Operations veteran , managing complex, global infrastructures for over 20 years. We take a walk through the fundamental changes in the ops environment and service provision (with a few war stories thrown in!)

We cover the Operations mindset (nurture the system) and how it is has changed over the decades with the emergence of cross team collaboration. Paul shares his views on hiring the right team and the signals to look out for in a well run Ops department.

We discuss budgeting, funding and investment , and the very intimate understanding you can now have of the cost of your estate. And of course we address Security and DR and what should you recover first in your DR plans.

Covid of course is discussed and the real drivers and benefits of Cloud adoption and critically Cloud management

For anyone who recalls the Big Bang releases over the weekend in the 80’s to the “always on, always deploying” systems of today will recognise the depth of experience and professionalism Paul has

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